SHS (Shuffle Hygiene System)

SHS innovative multi-purpose hygiene system meets washroom needs. With one dispenser both foam soap and hand sanitizer aerosol refill usage.

Multi-use flexibility and cost advantages for washrooms. One automatic dispenser with a unique spray technology delivers multiple hygiene solutions inside and outside the washrooms.
Durable infrared sensors detect hand movement and give perfect amount of spray or foam at each time usage. There is no possibility of leakage with recyclable aluminium refills. Service and maintain are easier. System is suitable for almost every toilets. The unique world-leading aerosol refill technology gives the greatest number of shots per refill, making it one of the best cost in-use systems available. One style of dispensing unit with unique aerosol technology simplifies washroom hygiene by providing multiple hygiene solutions in and outside the washroom.

One dose produces enough rich, thick, creamy lather to thoroughly cover both hands. Fresh fragrance and hypoallergenic formulation, that’s pleasant to use and kind to skin.
Unique world-leading aerosol technology delivers at least 1500+ shots of high performing foam wash.

Alcohol-based spray formulation uses active ingredients that are 99% effective against invisible dirt, E.coli and other intestinal bacteria, fungi and germ. It is faster and more effective than soap and water based products and prevent diseases can spread. Moisturizing ingredients prevent drying and keep hands soft and supple. With no water required for use, hands can be sanitized at entry points and strategic positions around the building. World-leading aerosol technology delivers at least 2000+ shots of high performing hand sanitizer.

Stylish and slimline design.
Durable, easy to clean ABS dispenser.
Operates on 3 x AA alkaline batteries that last over 1 year.
Visual LED indicators to show when batteries and refills need replacing.
Spray switch enables settings.
Fix to wall with double sided tape or screws and fixings.

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