OKS (Deodorising System)

With OKS Deodorising System, owing a high level technology set-up, you can install operation frequency to get optimum efficiency according to your working hours. Beside of controllable dispenser to work optionally five or six and seven days in a week. With these options you can achieve more efficient and more economical results. High odour/ oil rate and pharmaceutical valve technology for microscopic spray dispersal show OKS dispenser’s high quality.

High odour/ oil rate OKS refill’s include active ingredient named as Sanador. Registered with the 6540988 US patent number Sanador is bad odour preventer. Capture to malodour molecules, bacteria cells and eliminate.

Sanador’s active ingredients ‘’ sitronelil” and “metilkrotonatel’’ are anti-microbial. They can neutralize background odours such as food body and smoke odour.

To take detailed and technical information Please download PDF document at below.

PDF Technical Information