About us


To be a Villegrup family, up to know we actualise brands of Soapville, Bodyville, Missville and add value on markets as a successfully. Now we are pioneering in the field of Hygiene and cleaning with ‘’Hijyenville’’ Brand.
We offer technological, environmentally friendly, innovative cleaning and hygiene products the service of customer with qualified personnel and structured with principled and honest manner.
While increasing our brand value as a Hijyenville, day by day, we have justified pride of positive feedback taken by our customers and industries. Accompanied of these pleasure and happiness we preserve to our way.


– Use of technology information taken from Industry to create a competitive price
– To present non temporal, permanent solutions to hygiene problems of enterprises
– To improve supplier of solutions in accordance with human and environmental health standards
– Adhere to The Ministry of Health’s criteria within the framework of legislation and law at all the product used in hygiene solution
– To set up a quality and quickly service network across the country with dealers to appropriate standards of Villegrup
Starting out with this principle, “Hijyenville”; continue to serve as an indispensable part of the sector and the market …